Farm holidays

The idea of the farm holidays was established in 1997 when , following a corporate restructuring , instead of building an ugly retaining wall to support the bottling hall we decided to use the space below drawing inspiration from the old cellar of his grandfather Angelo. Once ready it was so large that it was sorry only use it to make a simple stock , so after appropriate modifications turned it into a tasting room , with wide planks and benches postponing thought the old taverns of yesteryear . Our specialties are first of all our wines paired with our production of vegetables , pork , chicken and turkey , furred game , homemade and local produce such as meats, cheeses and beef farms of our associates . You can enjoy , for example , the classic Milanese cassoeula , busecca , a delicious stew of wild boar with polenta, or a simple plate of salami and raspadura Lodi . For the time required for preparation of some dishes, a reservation is required .

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